HokkFi x Versus Partnership

Versus Metaverse
2 min readJan 10, 2023

As the Versus Metaverse community continually grows, it is a privilege to partner with Hokk Finance for our gamers to be empowered to do more with crypto. HokkFi builds decentralized financial products that challenge modern banking. For instance, they’re developing a bridge that is the basis for Versus Metaverse’s cross-chain capabilities. The bridge allows the transfer of tokens between any of the 3 chains ETH + BSC + HECO.

WL Giveaway x HOKK NFT Collection

For the past few weeks, we’ve also collaborated through whitelist spots and HOKK NFT giveaways on Twitter and Discord. Due to this strategic partnership, there is surely potential growth in expanding both NFT communities into other growing communities such as DAOs and gaming communities across various cultures. More than creating temporary hype for our beta test, our goal is to develop sustainable communities in NFT, crypto, and gaming spaces who are well-equipped with our opportunity-to-earn model.

About Hokk Finance

Today, Hokk Finance is focused on building and delivering state-of-the-art crypto products that can do incredible things for people and their families. They’ve expanded our ambitious road map, created marketing initiatives that build strong relationships, and started to execute a long-term strategy focusing on offering the best decentralized crypto products and services across several blockchains. Their goal is to empower people globally, and challenge the status quo, through the utility of our community token.

As the greatest transfer of wealth happens this decade, HOKK Finance is determined to make its mark on the world as one of the most recognizable and successful blockchain companies, bringing fun and a community spirit, leading the way for community tokens for generations to come.

About Versus Metaverse

Versus Metaverse is vast and wonderful with unique biomes, cultures, and technologies where players can enjoy both casual world building akin to Animal Crossing and esports ready competitive battling with digital companions called Cyphers. Versus Metaverse is creating a new type of Play to Earn, called Opportunity to Earn, where players are able to earn fiat backed stable coins for participating in the player economy or battling in tournaments. Versus Metaverse is currently in development by Mage Labs, Inc. and is being built to require no blockchain knowledge as a metaverse for all.



Versus Metaverse

An open world multiplayer Metaverse game home to Cyphers, Trainers, and new cultures