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Versus Metaverse
3 min readFeb 2, 2023

🚀 January Dev Update 🚀

A month ago, we were hard at work on concepts and models, testing out basic fighting mechanics, and building the foundation of our game world. But now, we’re thrilled to say that, in January, we’ve made HUGE strides in the development of Versus.

🌴 Game World

Crustshore Bay has come to life with tons of areas, walkways, fixtures, NPCs, dialogue, music, and sound effects. Our sound effects coordinator even hit the streets to capture the perfect sounds for the game. We’re confident you’ll love the original soundtrack as much as we do. After hours and hours of listening to the game music we still look forward to playing and hearing it more.

Walking around the beginnings of Crustshore Bay

🔥 PvP Battling

Battling is now fully integrated into the game, allowing you to fight anyone you meet with just a few clicks. Battling is still being polished, but Versus has seen its first battles and they were smooth.

Great ready for PvP action

📜 Crafting and UI

We’ve also made significant improvements to the UI, including the framework for our crafting system.

🏘️ Community

Outside the game we have fully updated our website and will be pushing those updates very soon. We are also about start multiple marketing campaigns leading into game alpha release. If you’re interested in working with us please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Grab some friends and enjoy

📅 February Focus

Next up, we’re focusing on land and neighborhoods, giving you the ability to customize your homestead and explore the rich resources of the jungle surrounding Crustshore Bay. Farming and additional indoor and outdoor customization will also be introduced to the alpha, allowing you to truly make your homestead your own.

Game world concept art

We’re also working on hundreds of unique assets to create an immersive experience for you. Story is being weaved more intricately across the world with many surprises in store. If last month was about expanding the breadth of game play, this month is all about expanding the depth.

👋 Join the Community

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to join our Discord and follow our Twitter for the latest news and chances to get early access!

See you next month!



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